Showing Intersections
  • A couple of questions, if you'll allow ... using Version 1.3.24 on a Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 tablet, and also on a Sprint / Kyocera "Torque" mobile phone

    1) What (if any) would the syntax be for locating an intersection?  For example, I want to know where the corner of Hwy 55 and US64 is located.  Using Google Maps (sorry), I would simply type "Hwy 55 and US64".   Looking for a similar function in MapFactor.

    2) Is it possible to map out a full route of directions / turns / etc and then save that route with a title?  For example, as a school bus driver, when I get an unfamiliar or temporary run, it's given to me on paper as a series of turns and stop points.  I would love to have the ability to map out the entire run, turn by turn (and notate stops if possible) and then store it so that if / when I need to do that same route, I'd just have to load it and go.

    3) Assuming #2 can be done, is there a way to modify the route so that it directly matches up with the distributed route.  Example:  MapFactor says starting at spot A, go to intersection B, continue to intersection C, and stop.   I would love a way to tell MapFactor that in this case I know better than it does ... so I want to start at spot A, SKIP INTERSECTION B, and then go to intersection C and stop.

    Thank you to all / any who are able to respond to these questions ... it's very much appreciated.

    Phil Z

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