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  • Thank you for the welcome as a new member.

    I've downloaded the maps through my laptop - took some time but now resident on my SIM card. Problem I'm having is making your Navigator - 1.3.24 - become the default.

    Google's Navigator and ATT maps are the only options showing when I attempt to change the default. I'm using an HTC Inspire 4G.

      My goal is to go to my list of friend addresses, and click on a Navigator icon, which would then set up the trip for me. Is this possible? It's what the Google Navigator does, so I thought your software might do the same.

    Thanks, mk

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  • That's a bit strange. If I open my contacts, open one of the contacts and select the address of that contact, I get a number of options and Navigator is one of them. If I open it with Navigator it "asks" me what to do with it (destination, view on map, etc).

  • I think you need to disable default for Google maps.
    Android settings > application manager > all > contacts > clear defaults

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