Android : change the map files location
  • Hello Everyone,
    I have a question about the way map files are located on the android version.
    I've noticed that on Android4.4, it became difficult to choose the location where applications and their data are located. Even if you install navigator on the SD card, the maps are finally located in the phone itself, and not the SD card; which can be a problem, as these files are very big.
    Is there a system file where the location of these files are defined, and could be edited ?
    Thanks in advance!
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  • I must precise that I found the option in the Advanced settings "move to Sd card". But first, I got an error message that the space available wasn't enough. The indicated available space was about 400 Mo, when 900 were needed. But My SD card had about 14 Go available. The size corresponded to the space available inside the phone.
    I removed some maps, and then the message was "no way to modify the install path. The system seems to have only one SD card".
    I must precise that modified the default installation path to the Sd card.
  • Delete navigator folder on SD card if exist and install prerelease version: it should fix your problem
  • Hello Lubos and thank you,
    Unfortunately, it didn't work for me, I got the same message after reinstall.
    I even reinitialized my phone, and reinstalled it, but with the same message.
    It seems that Android considers I have two SD cards, one physical that I put inside, sdcard1, and one inside the phone memory, sdcard0.
    I found a atlas.icp file in the navigator directory, with paths to the maps. I noticed that the file was smaller than before : First I installed the France map, the voice and the Earth map ; finally I only installed the voice, Earth map (mandatory and Andorra map because it was very small and enough for testing.
    Maybe it can be modified manually ? Actually, I don't need the application to be on the SD card, only the big map files.
    I'm a newbie in Android, but I'm not reluctant to do some manual editions in the configuration files.
    Thank you for your help !
  • Hi,
    I've got the same problem. Galaxy S5, Lollypop.
    The application has been moved on the SdCard but the Tom Tom maps are downloaded directly on the phone memory but not on the SdCard. If I try to move them on the SdCard by the apk, it doesn't find them anymore and ask me to download new maps.
    What can I do?
    Thanks for your help...

  • probably easiest if you download maps again
  • Have you tried under (Navigator) settings, advanced, change installation SD-Card, then choose:
    External SD Card 1. This will create a folder on /storage/sdcard1/Android/data/com.mapfactor.navigator/files
    You can the use a file manager (I use ES File Explorer) to move the map data to the new folder on the external SD card. You will have to grant ES permission to copy the data files, you just need to select the root folder of external SD card 1. If you find moving the files too complicated, just download the map data again, Navigator will store it on the external SD card.
  • Hi,
    Many thanks. I removed Navigator and reinstalled it. Next I move it to the SdCard and now it's OK.
    A bug probably. A bug with 4Go of maps :-(.

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