Super simple Navigator installer for Android
  • Hi,

    As I'm pretty lazy and at the same time very curious in everything new, I also use the beta Navigator Free APKs from the mapfactor site.
    As I was quite bored with the fact that downloading & installing the beta takes quite some "tap" actions (that's the lazy side of my personality),  I created a super simple apk (the curious side of my personality) with App Inventor to download Navigator Free either from the MapFactor side or from Google Play.
    It simply downloads a (beta) navigator free to the default download folder and starts the default android apk installer, or it downloads the release version from Google Play if you're tired of the beta version.

    You can find it on my public dropbox folder:

    NOTE: Anyone installing the app (which is an ".apk" file) will need
    to change the setting on their phone to allow installation of non-market
    applications (but if you're a beta tester you already had):

    To find this setting on versions of Android prior to 4.0, go to
    "Settings > Applications" and then check the box next to "Unknown
    Sources". For devices running Android 4.0 or above, go to "Settings >
    Security" or "Settings > Security & Screen Lock" and then check
    the box next to "Unknown Sources" and confirm your choice.

    (I have no plans yet to publish this embarassingly simple apk on Google Play)

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  • Good! Let's start with the "feature requests", eheh! It would be nice if your app could display the version number available at least for the beta version before downloading, but I guess this cannot be made automatically, so maybe it's not possible. Google play already does it by itself, if automatic updates are enabled... But it would be nice to know if there is a newer beta or not..
  • @IU0BMP: This was really to enable downloadingthe beta. If a small text file with a serial number would be provided at the same place I could easily read that text file and make the button something like "download (Beta) Navigator Free v 1.3.40 From Mapfactor site. In that case you would know whether to download a new beta.

    And w.r.t. to Google Play: It is really to replace your beta with (any) standard release version from Google play.
    If you have the Google Play version installed you get your automatic updates.
    If you have a beta installed you don't get automatic updates from Google, so you manually need to install the Google play version.
  • By the way, it should read "apks" not "apk's". It is just plural  ;)
  • Yes, you are right. How stupid.
    New version uploaded.

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