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  • I am quite new to gps navigation. I only started playing with it less than 3 months ago. I see that there are Android applications that claim they can speed up the fix, that is, the time that it takes to 'lock' the satellites and get a position on the map. They are called "Gps Status", "Gps test"... There are a few of them. They show a compass with some dots, corresponding to the satellites that are in sight. Usually these applications can download the A-GPS extra data from the internet in order to obtain a faster 'fix' and it's better to update such data often, because they should be refreshed every few days.

    My question is: does Mapfactor Navigator benefit from these applications when it comes to lock the satellites or maybe does it have its own built-in fix speed up function ??
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  • I used both of these apps. Usually when I go on a trip I start GPS Status at home and download the latest A-GPS data and let it get a fix, which is normally quite fix. Don't know if GPS Test also uses A-GPS data.

    Then I take the device on my bike/car and have a quick fix. If GPS Test already has acquired a fix, then imho Navigator uses that too.


  • I understand.. yes, I found the same results as you. Once you get a fix with, say, "Gps status", then Navigator blinks a bit and then gets a fix after a few more seconds. Sometimes tho whole process is very quick, sometimes it takes longer..
  • Android as of version 3 or 4 or something like that uses A-GPS data automatically if you switch it on. All those tools were created for older Android versions.
    AFAIK Android automatically does it for you and Navigator, or any other nav app, simply uses that.
    You simply need a minimum of 3 GPS locations, which means 2 satellites it can find and a 5-50 mtr accurate wifi position signal. Then it can further fine tune using that base position.

    And for windows phones and iphones it is the same. The OS does it for you, not the app.
  • Interesting! I didn't know that. I have Android 4.2.2. One of those applications, Gps status, displays the AGPS age, that is, the number of days since Xtra data were downloaded, Thanks for your replies.. any other comment?

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