Digger: How to select icon-file for multiple POIs
  • I Have a gpx-file with hundreds of POIs. Ist it possible, to fill in den information for de icon-image in the gpx-file or is it really necessary to select every single line an go to "select_image" for hundreds of lines? If not (with gpx), is it possible with an other input-filetype?
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  • Try this:

    Strip down the input file to 3-4 entries. Assign them the icons font size etc, and do the next next next.

    At the end, don't compress or generate MCA file

    Open the generated XML file. Amend as you see fit using a text edition for all missing entry types. Copy xml to safe place (it will be removed when generating MCA file and all the work will be gone... )

    Change the setting Packed to Yes in XML

    Re-run Digger (or DiggerConsole) using the modified XML and an MCA file will materialize. At this stage the XML file is gone so keep the original XML file around for future runs etc...


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