Version Number of Setup Utility
  • The setup utility has in its lower right corner now a version number 14.x.

    The numbers in the program menu and the software list of the control panel are 12.x. Is this right?
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  • Do you mean the Windows 'start' menu and the Windows 'control panel'? If so, I think you have both versions installed but you can uninstall the number 12.x.

    When I wanted to upgrade to number 14, I first unistalled number 12 (maps are not deleted by the uninstaller) and then I installed number 14, checking 'early map access' as I had read here and it worked soon. Number 12 doesn't appear anywhere anymore...
  • My post refers only to the Setup Utility, not to the navigation program. With that program I have just version 14.

    But for the setup utility I have 12 in the start menu and in the windows control panel and as name of the utility and for the directory but on the utility window itselfs it shows me "14.1.2 FREE" in the corner ...
  • yes, my above answer referred to the setup utility.

    Before upgrading to v.14, I first uninstalled both the setup utility v.12 and the navigation program. Then I installed the setup utility v.14 and the navigation program v.14. If you installed v.14 without uninstalling v.12, well, maybe it's still working fine, but there can be something messed up in your windows registry.
  • Î've now uninstalled the setup utility and downloaded the v14 setup utiltiy. It now also shows up in the control panel of windows as v14.

    But it remains to be v12 in the tooltip for automatic updates of the windows taskbar ...
  • it's the same with me. I guess they forgot to update the label that appears in the tooltip, but the version is indeed dated August 19th.
    You can check it in the properties of the file clickertray.exe located in 
    C:\Program Files (x86)\Navigator14\Setup Utility.
    Right click on it ==> properties ==> details.
  • I think you are right

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