Time in waypoint in the Itinerary window
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    Please add time in waypoint to the Itinerary window. Relative or absolute time. When I'm driving along several way points, I'd like to know what time will be at last waypoint. For example if trip consists of several museum which close at 6pm, I'd like to know what time will be in each waypoint.

    BTW, time calculation is very optimistic. I drove 380km by Poland and expected trip time was 5 hours. In fact trip took 7 or 8 hours. I drove as fast as possible. I know calculated time depends on speed restrictions.. but when you drive through town.. there are signal lights, crossroads.

    If speed limit is not specified for road, you can show min and max trip time...


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  • Yes, as you say, "time calculation is very optimistic" also in Italy. In the vehicle properties, you can adjust the speed in "road restrictions" and get a more realistic estimated time of arrival.
  • Agree... Average speed limit should be set instead. That is approximately 60% of original speed limit (except motorways). For example, if speed limit is 50km/h, 30km/h should be set instead. After I set this, I have +/- 30min correct estimated time.
  • Sims like there is issue with city/town areas detections that causes incorrect ETA.
    Guys in other thread told that they has experimental algorithm with improved detection. Hope it will be properly tested and introduced for all OSM maps soon. 
  • +1. I`d also like to have that feature with the time at the waypoints in the Itinerary window

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