Guide users through Android app
  • @MapFactor (or should I say Tomas, in this case? :-))
    As can be seen in the ratings section on Google Play, you are very eager to answer comments, correcting false assumptions and provide a small help in order to avoid/correct bad ratings.
    As the ratings seem to be that important to you: why don't you make your app more self-explanatory, avoiding all those problems? :-)
    • On Google Play, a user complains that there is no possibility to download maps with PC. Why doesn't he know about the PC version? Because you don't promote it in the app description. Provide a direct link. Don't let the user search.
      Same for the Android manual - why don't you link it directly on Google play?

    • Some questions are asked over and over again, because the users do not find features themselves. You think I am asking you to change the UI or user guidance? Completely wrong, please read on :-)
      After a while, you created a video and published it on Google Play. That was a good start. Better would be a quite short, interactive guide, that leads the user through the main functions the first time the opens the app. Other apps have solved that very nicely, e.g. this one.
      You know some users here are very helpful in providing you translations. Just ask them :-)
      If this too much effort, what about adding much more, but short videos, one per topic?

    • Android guide again: they could be refactored. Lots of things are not explained at all, or not detailed enough. What is each option for? What are the consequences of setting value Y?

    If you would at least choose one of these options; it would save you much time struggling with us annoying users ;-)

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  • it is question of time, we simply have no capacity to deal with everything

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