TRAK Tnav-422
  • Hi i've got navigation TRAK TNAV -422 and there is old map. How I can update a new map on this ? I tried to download a new version from this webside but there is a problem. This navigation TRAK doesn't have any update. I hope that is for free if is accessible. Please give me answer if somebody knows how to do this. I don't want to sale it. cheeers.
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  • Really nobodys can't help me? What I supposed to do?
  • I found sth about this navigation:
    SiRF Atlas V 664 MHz
    64ch GPS
    Do You have Navigator on Your navigation, or You want to install it instead of another program?
  • The second one i think.  I wanna upgrade a new version. But i think should be fine when I install a new version map on micro sd separately. Then I can check does this version is better then old one or not?!. If the new version on micro sd will be worse, that I can delete this from micro sd, and leave the old map in the system anyway. I found on webside downloading a new version. I downloaded this version in to my system last time. But there is error. My GPS TRAK tnav-422 cannot read that version. :( I don't know why?! If you know correct link when I can download a new version pls answer. Cheers I hope the upgrade is for free. 
  • here is full information of my gsp.
    Windows Embedde CE 6.0
    Core  X13-12056
    whatever it means:)
  • Download setup.exe from http//..., and install it on Your PC (You get additional icon on pulpit - Navigator Setup Utility).

    Run it and install Navigator on micro-sd (->>Install application,->>Install Pocket Navigator, ->>set katalog),

     then install maps on this micro-sd card. (->>Install Map Data...,->>Free regions).

    Now, Your micro-sd card is ready to test (with maps and program)
    Put it in navigation and run it.

    Please write short note if it works.

    You don't have to download setup again - just run it on PC (Windows).
  • ok I'll try. I let you know in a free time what I did. Cheers.

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