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  • hello there, the app works wonderfully for me, that is, it used to. at the moment, i fail to set as "start" the current gps position. i can set endpoints of the navigation, points in between, but since it has no beginning, no navigation sets in. I use the free version of the program and i am a huge fan.
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  • navigation ignores departure and uses GPS instead
    if you wish to preplan route go to Tools > Calculate route
  • hi tomas, thanks for your reply. so is it possible to tell the app "get me from where i am (current gps) to [adress x]"? it used to work like that for me. the way you propose sounds like "get me from [adress a] to [adress b]", and i have to enter two adresses.
  • If you have no GPS signal (like sitting on the sofa and preparing a ride) you must use "from a to b", as Navigator can't calculate a route if it doesn't have a GPS lock.

    If you are outside with a gps signal, you don't need to give it a start position. You set the destination (and possible waypoints) and you click "Navigate". If you don't have a signal but get in your car, it will calculate a route as soon as it locks on to a gps position.
  • well i'm not sure if i made the problem clear... i will keep an eye on the performance of the app and maybe report here again including some screenshots of the problem, if it arises again. thank you so far for your advice!

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