Prevent stopping MapFactor
  • Hello guys,

    when I ride a bike, I want to listen MapFactor navigation on my headphones without looking at my phone. But, when I turn off screen and leave the phone on my pocket, navigation stop after few minutes...

    How to prevent this?

    Thanx :)

    I have Z2 (android 4.4)
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  • hello
    I am facing the same issue i contacted developer he is trying to solve the issue. this issue was raised on recent version previous versions don't have this problem
  • I replayed this journey three times, once in normal speed, once with screen switched off and once 10x accelerated - no crash

    problem could be caused by
    1. corrupted map files
    2. faulty SD
    3. TTS engine (try human voice)
  • Hello tomas
    I reinstalled the app and maps again this time I will check it but my phone is moto g so don't have SD card so no question of faulty SD card and I am not using tts voice
  • Same problem here, with a Moto G 2nd Gen running KitKat 4.4.4
    Have the same problem with MapFactor Navigator (and also Navfree), but not with Runkeeper, so it does not seem to be an issue of the GPS going into standby mode.
  • Update to my last post: when Runkeeper is on, MapFactor Navigator keeps working as well. So it seems that while Runkeeper is able to keep the GPS from hibernating, Navigator is not.

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