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  • I like the idea of a OSM GPS however have a few suggestions how to make it better

    1. Have a better looking interface, something similar to iGO, having the layout of screen and buttons like that would be much better
    2. Allow customisable skins like the iGO system
    3. Have TTS voices, ideally the LOQ7 or Nuance voices

    having that would make it a much better experience and also appeal to more people to use your system,
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  • Hi,
    1. This is really a question of taste. For me the interface is very simple and easy. Most of the time you like the interface you are used to. Since 2004 I have used tomtom, iGo and Navigon and a few built-in apps. All were good, but for all it takes some time getting used to (and some a little bit more). Same for Mapfactor (since 2014) and the other OSM app (since 2013) I use. And personally I think Mapfactor is one of the best in design.
    What's more, I really like the black-and-white design as it is clearly visible in all light conditions: functionality and usefulness are more important to me than some color profile.
    2. You know that you can change Day/Night colors/schemes in settings? Which suits you better in case you have some form of color blindness? Or do you really mean some meaningless looking twist to the GUI which will require extra resources and memory (my personal point of view). (+ the last sentence of point 1)
    3. This would be a very nice feature. However, the choice of tts engine should be open. I use SVOX as I tried a view ones and for me that one has the best Dutch voice. Again: completely personal taste but that makes it more important to have an open tts inteface so that you can choose the tts engine you want also if it is espeak, Pico tts or Google tts (to mention the free ones).
  • 3. it is already in the beta version
  • I use a 5" wince gps system so its harder to use as text/icons/buttons are tiny, unlike if you use on tablets then its much bigger and easier to use.

    can you choose what tts engine to install and use on a wince device?

    can i try this beta version you mentioned?
  • tts has been in windows version for a long time, now (beta) it will be in Android
  • also, if it possible to download OSM map data and convert it yourself? so it works on nav free?
  • the tts i have is a synsasised version that sounds horrible it sounds like Stephen Hawking
  • you cannot convert OSM maps yourself
    TTS on windows is all we could find for free, on Android you have many choices
  • Great to hear that tts is in beta (for Android).
    Any information when it might be available? or for testing?
  • That's really good news :-)
  • Tried it on my way home.

    I use SVOX with Dutch voice (Jan) and technically it works OK: Hooray!
    With regard to the tts configuration: It can use some improvements, both in plain Dutch as grammatically. But I know this is a beta, so I don't complain.
    With plain Dutch I mean that some English was mixed in (towards, to, ... your destination), some German (nach) and even french on a roundabout (premiere, troisieme).
    Grammatically it can also use some improvements. The spoken commands are not always in the order a "real" Dutchmen would pronounce it.

    However: so far I'm happy :)

    Edit: And I forgot to mention that it announces the road you have to take: Go left to "name of road".
  • Hi,

    I updated and corrected the tts.xml for the Dutch language. You can find the updated version on my public dropbox.
    (right-click to download otherwise your browser will try to open it)

  • Can somebody please explain to me why a TTS output is better or what the advantages are compared to the actual voices.

    Thank you.


  • it converts text to speech, so you can anounce steet names for example
    turn left in to High Street...
  • OK, I am outing myself as a total beginner: Using the latest Android app version (1.3.20), what do I have to do in order to get spoken street names (in German)?
    I'd love to test them, too :-)
  • go to settings/language and select one of the Synthesised sounds
    I think you can download more of these through Android
  • Hum, I still don't get it:
    When I go into settings --> languages, I currently have:
    • Application language = System standard
    • Voice language = German: Navilock - Doris.

    Where do I select a synthesised sound? Under voice language, there is only "None" and "German: Navilock - Doris". Am I missing something?

  • under voice language, but you may have to install TTS through Android
  • I have installed IVONA and set it as default TTS app.
    Since then, whenever I go to Navigator --> settings and choose "languages", Navigator crashes immediately ("Unfortunately the app has been stopped"). The log does not contain anything useful to you.
    Phone restart did not help.
    Any ideas?
  • check Android settings > language and input > TTS options
  • Maybe you have to configure it also in your Android system settings (sprache & eingabe -> text in sprache ausgabe).
    You can select wich tts module to use and on the right side you have the settings.

    and maybe you need to reboot.

    I'm using "my" tts engine already for a longer time and have it completely configured. Navigator could use it at once. If Ivona doesn't work try pico tts with german language.
  • I also have problem with IVONA, it does not crash, but Language settings do not open
    for me it works with Google TTS
  • Both SVOX and Google TTS (just installed and now also with Dutch) works also for me.
  • Thanks, using Google tts instead solved my problem.
    I am now missing friendly Doris ;-)
    IVONA's Marlene was also nice; pity it did not work with Navigator.

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