OSM Map dates?
  • I regulary update the map on OSM and know that I updated a road name in January 2013 and it is showing correct on the OSM website, but the map the mapfactor software downloaded seems older than the date of june 2014 stated on your website.
    If the map was indeed correct and is june 2014 then the data shown on the OSM website should have been transfered to your maps.
    so is their data is over a year old?
    how can I tell the date of the map data that has been downloaded?
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  • no, it is not old, please give exact example
  • if you type in KA23 9QG and choose campbelton road
    you will see the road called goldenberry road shown on the map between beech avenue and the power station.
    this is all correct

    but the downloaded map the software gave me shows goldenberry road listed as campbelton road.  this was updated by me last year but the downloaded map is showing the old info

    thats why i need to know what date the software has downloaded as maybe its not downloading the latest one
  • cut off is usually end of each calendar month, maps are released approx 2-3 weeks later

  • can you see if the map installed on your device is showing same or different to that on the website?

    thats why i think the software is not downloading updated maps
  • My UK map is of 201406 and I do see Campbeltown road instead of goldenberry Road.
    However, I can see that a01020304 has edited the road an hour ago (twice), 7 hours ago (twice), 2 months ago (twice), 3 months ago, 4 months ago and 1 year ago. And before that it was edited by by Richard Symonds.
    I could find out in detail what you have done but I prefer you telling us what you did.
    What have you been doing to that road, also in relation to your question about it. Did you make some errors and corrected those only 1 hour (7hours) ago?

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