up-to-date database? (Android)
  • Hello,

    i installed Mapfactor free for my Android device yesterday and made a test driving.I passed two stationary speed cameras and was warned only at one of them. So my question is, how up-to-date is the database for the speed cameras?
    Can i import speed cameras from poiplaza?

    Thanks for your help and this great app
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  • speedcameras are supplied by scdb.info
    you can alsoimport your own using this PC tool
    once imported, copy .mca files to folder navigator/data
  • According to the map date the speed cameras are from February 2013. That is not very up-to-date.
    Is that map date correct?
    If so it is indeed better to make your own speed cam file.
  • I think they are not changing dates, last one is from 28th May 2014

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