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  • hi,
    i am using MapFactor 1.2.50 for Android on my Lg 2 mini for a few weeks - as far it works great (apart from wrong directions given sometimes on complicated crossroads).
    I am about to travel a longer trip and I would like to plan it using a PC application Routeconverter and then to transfer this route as a file to MapFactor.
    My questions are:
    1. which form is used in MapFactor to store routes ? (gpx ?)
    2. where should the route file be stored in Android - in which folder (/sdcard/navigator/data ?)
    3. do any special conventions in naming the route files apply ?
    Best regards,
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  • 1. both Android and PC versions atre saving routing points sets in file routing_points.xml
    if you want to use another program to prepare routes then GPX, but you cannot use it for navigation, you would need to display it and create waypoints
    all in all, I think it is better to use PC Navigator
    2. GPX in android/data/, routing_points.xml in android/data/
    3. I am not aware of any

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