New phone - transfer of maps
  • Hi ,

    I just bought a new phone (S5) and wanted to use the software on this phone.
    The map menu just tells me to buy them, no option to download the already bought maps.

    How can I transfer the maps to my new phone?
    Do they need to be activated?


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  • Hi Pat, go to Settings and click Send logs (new device)
    please type your order ID
  • Hello,

    I have downloaded quite a few free OSM maps on my Nexus S phone and I have marked them up with my locations too. Now I have a new phone. How do I transfer my existing maps to the new phone? I don't want to re-download them all, and re-mark them up. I have installed the application on the new phone.

    Copying the entire navigator folder from the old phone to the new phone's storage has not given me access to any of my maps.


    Please help

  • maps should be in folder android/data/

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