Clean up free maps after Tom Tom upgrade?
  • Hi,

    I use MapFactor Navigator on my Android device and recently upgraded from the free maps to Tom Tom maps. (I love MapFactor by the way!!)

    On my device, the directory com.mapfactor.navigator\files\navigator\data now shows both xxx_ta.mca and xxx_osm.mca files. I assume the osm files are the free maps and the ta files the Tom Tom maps? So my question is: can I just manually delete the obsolete osm files?

    Also: so far I´ve been using MapFactor in Europe. I had already installed a bunch of free USA state maps (I can still see them as usa_xxx_osm.mca files) but they have disappeared from the selection menu in MapFactor after my Tom Tom upgrade for Europe. Do I have to use Tom Tom for USA as well or can free/ purchased maps be used side by side? (I just want to understand: by the time I´ll need the USA maps, I´ll probably anyway switch to the Tom Tom maps as well.)

    Edit: after posting this the first time I remembered the option "Data source" in the app which in my case is now set to "TomTom". Could I switch back to "OSM free data" if necessary and return later to TomTom for the already purchased European maps? Again: just trying to understand how it works without destroying anything ;)

    Thanks, Petr

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