Navigator stopped finding my tomtom maps - how to fix?
  • Hi, I purchased North American maps 8 days ago before heading out on a roadtrip (using an old Samsung tablet - gingerbread - as a GPS). Order #80263.

    First days use was great. On second day (my tablet was turned off at night to recharge). The next day I  started up the tablet and Navigator which then gave me the - no maps, choose free or tomtom downloads. This is not what I needed while out on the road.  I connected the tablet to my laptop and I can see the tomtom maps on my SD card.

    I downloaded 1 small free map so I could start the application. In the navigator app I have tried map manager but it also does not find the tomtom maps. In settings I used "advanced" and made sure the data director is the SD card and where the tom tom maps are. It still does not recognize them.   I downloaded the free PC software with the map manager on it but it also doesn't see the maps on my sd card. I cant see a way of pointing to a new directory

    How do I fix this? Can I re-download the tomtom maps?



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  • please contact support

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