Can we users do anything about routing strangeness of "Free"?
  • Hi,

    over the past few months I made a note every time Navigator Free proposed a really strange bit of route, intending to fix the errors in OSM that (I thought) must be the cause.

    Now I'm on vacation in Ireland, have looked at some of the places I had earmarked for editing - and can't find anything wrong in OSM!

    I hope someone who knows more about OSM than I do can/will help!

    Here's a simple example (in Ireland - the map is small, just 24 MB, so can easily be downloaded):

    If you plan a route from Wexford, Co. Wexford, Kerlogue Business Park, to Rosslare Harbour, Centre, the correct route is "always straight ahead", first along the R730, then the N25.

    Navigator, however, suddenly leaves the R730 (secondary road) to the left and detours along two minor roads, then joins the N25/E01 (trunk road).

    I can see absolutely no reason for that deviation.

    Can anyone?


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  • Hi Jochen,
    zur Prüfung der OSM-Daten wäre es einfacher, du würdest unter auf die passende Stelle zoomen und uns dann den OSM-Link  zeigen.


    The detour begins just below the Drinagh Court Hotel and ends just below a Topaz petrol station.

  • Out of curiosity I tried to route your example and it routes exactly like you expect it to go. R730 thru Rosslare Road Roundabout and N25 straight to Rosslare Harbour.
    No other/minor roads involved. I cannot reproduce your reported routing.
    Using the newest map and Navigator Free 12.3.0 under Win 7


  • Ah - thanks; that meant that something was wrong with my setup; I saved Navigator with Titanium Backup, deleted the Settings in AppInfo, started Navigator, downloaded the Ireland map (would there have been a way to inform Navigator about the presence of several Gigabytes worth  of maps on the SD card?) and tried again: no detour!

    I suppose I must have done something in my Profile settings that had unexpected effects.

    I'll now look through the settings and jot them down, restore from Titanium Backup and compare.


  • i have experienced more than once the weird routing algorithm of Navigator Free.  i wasn't sure whether it's the navigator program itself or the OSM map, but after last episode of software taking me through a trailer park and coming out the same way while en route to my destination,  i learned to not depend on this software too much while driving. 
  • Hi erdos,
    please provide departure and destination, we will check.
  • Departure:

    991 Annapolis way, woodbridge Virginia 22191


    Jug bay wetlands sanctuary, Maryland (through POI Google search feature)


    Trailer park I drove through is at:



  • route is going nowhere near this trailer park with default car settings
  • Default car setting was used for this trip as far as i recall.

    Coming from north, navigator directed me to exit from MD route 4 to Upper Pindell Rd (comparing with exit to Plummer Ln from Rt. 4 according to Google Maps), after that, it took me to that trailer Park in & out, then onto dirt road off Pindell Rd.  further drive on the dirt road was not possible and I turned back without reaching my destination. 

    later on, i looked it up online and found out that the location of Jug Bay Wetland Office is located at 38.784983,-76.700706 which provide public access to the bay itself, with address at 1361 Wrighton Rd, Lothian, MD ‎.  the POI by Google is wrong, being located on River farm Rd.  but i didn't get it why the navigator took me to the trailer park and out.

    i should add the trip was made in June 1st, 2014:  that the OSM maps used was dated Dec 2013 and Navigator used was not the current version.  i have since updated both maps and program.




  • route goes down Pindell Rd and turns right at Pindell, 1.27 miles noorth west from the trailer park
  • i plan to go to Jug Bay again and will share the field report.

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