Reset - do not! Or know, what you are doing! [solved]
  • Since today, my Navigator crashes continously when using address search.

    I found, it would be a good idea to use the rather new report functionality and I did.

    I was recommended from support to reset the program and so I did.

    Result:  I lost all my settings as favorites, car profile and so on. But app is still crashing.

    So be careful. Support may not be sure, what he es doing, when asking you to reset your program (as he is quite often doing so here in the forum ...)
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  • Hi Oldie,
    it was me and I apologise, I did not think that favourites get deleted.
    but reset to default resets to default, so that you start Navigator as first installed. If all files are left there would be no reason for resetting.
  • It's ok now. I will try to setup what I had before. Of course I was not amused yesterday.

    As I found now, maps of other countries than Germany did load. Latest download of Germany maps was South, which I deleted now from map folder. But the update utility does not offer a fresh download of this map.

    [How to I manage to replace a presumably damaged map-file then?] Edit: Found now in the setup-utility. For me it is alwasy confusing, that map-management is hidden on the icon, which seems to be a pda. But I did not want a pda, but pc setup.

    Edit2: Downloaded Germany south again and it seemed to work know.

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