Google stops the Navigator during map updates
  • Hi,
    I've been using your Navigator on my Samsung Galaxy 4 for a couple of months until recently when Google started stopping it during downloading map updates, especially big map updates like the Germany ones.
    Then during the last map update I got the message “Checksum error” and Google stopped the application, so it won’t start again, even after uninstalling and reinstalling it.
    I had to uninstall the app and manually delete the folders left, so preventing Google’s from stopping the application.
    Now after a new installation, I’ve unchecked “Use google analytics” and hope Google won’t interfere with the application again.

    Also have a suggestion regarding the font size on the menu bar where the buttons “Settings”, “Map manager” and “Exit“ are located.
    Could you please make those fonts bigger? They are extremely small and difficult to read when I'm driving having the phone placed onto the car’s dashboard.

    I would be willing to donate if you could fix the above-mentioned issues.

    Thank you in advance for providing us with such a nice application for free.

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