How to change color under Download Maps
  • Hello,

    I use Map Factor 1.2.25 on Androind 4.1 on Samung GT-I8262.

    When I am downloading maps, in Day Mode, I have a black text on white background,(which is perfect)  but maps which have updates available are light green, which is hard to read (and maybe not only for me). Please,is it possible that I would change it in some XML file?

    In Night mode, text is white on black background, and the maps to update are again light green (which in night mode is perfectly readable) - but does it mean, that in Day Mode and in Night Mode there is the same color used for maps which have updates? Would be better if this would be 2 different colors.  But if I was able to define my own color, I will find one which will be well readable in both modes.

    Thank you,in advance!

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  • you can change colours using this tool
    file to amend is

  • Tomas, thank you for that tool. But please, can you tell me what to amend in this file? I didn't find any green colour under section "text" (under style "Day Mode Europe", which I use). Is it in some other section? 
  • I have no idea which text are you referring to, may be email screenshot to support
  • I mean the green text on this screenshot:
    I want to change the green to something else.
    Thank you

  • it will change once you download maps
    other then that it cannot be changed
  • Thank you, but this is not about if I download map to make the text black. This is is about definition of colour for outdated maps, in day mode. So, are these colours hard-coded? Is there chance to have them defined in an XML in any future version? And until then, is it possible to change it to some better readable colour? - e.g. standard blue 0000FF would be much better. I showed this to 10 colleagues today, and asked for opinion - only 1 told that it is OK to read. But you can do your own poll.
    And, my apologies, I don't want to push on you in any way. MapFactor Navigator is  great software and this is just a small ergonomic problem.
    Thank you
  • I believe it is hard coded, I will pass it on to programers

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