paid tomtom maps question
  • hi there, i am struggling to find a page with all the benefits of the paid tomtom maps compared to the normal maps. here are the main questions i am looking for :

    does the tomtom maps have live traffic information?

    can you enter specific numbers to houses?

    is there any other benefits

    if anyone knows or can point me to a page that tells me all of this, i would be grateful.



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  • also does it have effective POI's like bars and gas stations etc
  • Hi,
    TomTom maps have more consistent routing attributes resulting in more reliable routing, more POIs and house numbers, motorway signs, lane advisor...
    Please email support if you need to check anything specific.

  • This  is a study from the Heidelberg university. They found, that by the end of 2011, OSM maps had 27% more details than maps of Teleatlas, but at that time were 9% behind Teleatlas maps concerning details relevant for navigating. At that time they exspected, that OSM maps will catch up by 2012. So we should be there right now ...

    The study covers OSM Data in Germany.

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