Feature Request: Sort My Places by Distance from here
  • Now that I can make my own My Places list, the item I find most needed is the ability to sort My Places by distance from where I am.

    A workaround for the day I make the list is to name them with distance and direction - "35 NW" for 35 km NW from where I was when I made the list, but that requires redoing the list more often than necessary. If Navigator did this search, it would be great. Preferably with distance and direction noted, but just having the list put the nearby locations at the top would help greatly.

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  • Hi Peter, I think this is possible - click on map, select 'magnifying glass'  from thr menu on top and then Imports and your file.

  • Hi Tomas, 

    when I click on the map, I don't see imports or My Places in the list.


  • it is last in the list, you may have to scroll down

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