Android menu button not working (4.4.2)
  • Hi there!

    I've downloaded the app a while ago for my Nexus 5 running on stock Android 4.4.2 KitKat. Everything looks fine, map downloads went quick etc.
    But I can't get to click that 3 stripes button which is supposed to be the menu/options therefore I cannot do anything with the app! It just won't do anything when I touch it. I tried force stopping the app and restarting it but it still doesn't work.

    Do you guys have any solutions to that problem or any tips?

    Thanks in advance,
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  • The Android menu button is not supposed to do anything at all. Does nothing on 4.2.2 also.
    You should control the navigator app with the 9 buttons provided by the app on the screen:
    Search, Navigate, Routing info, My places, Tools, Map
    and on the bottom line:
    Settings, map manager and close

    There is nothing else.


  • We didn't understand each other. I know that those 3 bottom Android buttons won't do anything in the app. I meant the button just above those system ones. Also, I have only the settings button, no map manager and close. But it doesn't do anything when I click it. I tried installing the newest version, it didn't work.

    Here's a screenshot (if anyone wondered, it's in Poland):

  • Sorry for the misunderstanding.
    But I simply don't have those 3 stripes on my Android 4.2.2.
    This screen line is only showing "Waiting for good GPS signals" when the GPS has not yet acquired a position or is unavailable, otherwise empty.
    I'm using Navigator free 1.2.39
    Better wait for someone from MF.


  • @tomas, I have done that but it didn't help.
    So what should happen when I click the three-stripes button?
  • three-stripes button appears when there is no hardware Menu button
    it should come with Menu

  • What happens when you turn your phone to landscape mode?

  • В главном меню Вашего Андроида выберите "настройки"/"приложения"/ "Навигатор"/
    В открывшемся окне в разделе "память" нажмите "стереть данные". Ваша "3 stripes button" должна заработать.

    In the main menu of your Android, select "Settings" / "application" / "Navigator" /
    In the window that opens, in the "memory" click "delete data". Your "3 stripes button" should to make.
    Sorry for my English.

  • I installed Navigator on my tablet running KitKat 4.4.2. The "graphical menu" was enabled by default, but I thought I'd try switching it off to see what happened. I now know why it was enabled by default: without it, the menu button does nothing.

    After a while trying to fix this, I decided to clear the data. Now I'm re-downloading the maps... now done. That was a way to fix it, but I'd hoped to find an easier way!

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