POI import to navigator 12 PC Version
  • Hi,
    I am trying to import some POI files (CSV) into the latest version for the PC (running on XP).
    I have the latest version of DiggerQt. I can import the file and get to the "object appearance assignment" stage.
    However the next box remains greyed out, whatever I do I can proceed no further.
    There is loads of error messages in the digger log relating to poi.mca not being found and digger_config.xml being missing.
    Help please!!!

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  • best is to send the log to support
  • Hi thanks Tomas,
    I now have it creating a .mca file, I found elsewhere you need to select an image file manually.
    I did this and have the file.
    However where in the PC Navigator folder do you put it?
    I have an import directory and what I created only shows as a speed camera file (it isnt and I want to be able to select it as a normal POI)
    Again many thanks
  • windows 7
    c:\Users\"your user name"\AppData\Roaming\Navigator\12.1\import\
    c:\documents and settings\"your user name"\application data\Navigator\12.1\import\
  • Hi Tomas, I have put the .mca file here but it wont show on the map or in the list of poi types maybe the .mca file is no good?
  • it should be among favourites, not POIs
  • Many thanks Tomas, I have it working now.
    It is very fiddly and no instructions.
    I still have issues with icon zooms and possibly the sizes of the imported .png file.
    What do you recommend for these settings to give good visibility in normal use (auto zoom when navigating).

    I would love to use this program in my motorhome (USA built RV so like a Truck!!!).
    Shame the proper truck settings don’t work in the free version, so I would like to have POI's for low bridges etc.
    I will try and have settings so small roads are the lowest preference.

    Can this be done in the free version? If so what would you say I need to edit??
    Kindest regards

  • zoom setting really depend on your preference, just experiment
    yes, you can use preferences in the free version, but create a new vehicle so that you can easily return to default
    if you want to edit maps, it is best done at www.openstreetmaps.org - this way it is permanent and other users can share it
  • Many thanks, do vehicle size settings (length height etc') work in the free version, and do they work with openstreetmaps?

  • no, openstreetmaps does not have this data

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