Navigator android small improvements
  •  There could be done some small improvements to make Navigator more useful:
     1. For pedestrian navigation it would be useful to see bus/tram stops (not stations, they are already there), subway.
     2. There should be more types of POI. Hypermarkets and malls have same icon as a litle shop ( a shopping cart), so there should be a shopping basket for small shops, and shopping cart only for supermarket and mall. Also fastfood, coffe shop , pub, bar ... have same sign, but at least fastfood and coffe shop should have other sign.
     3. The roads references (ref tag on OSM) are not visible most of the time, there can be a way to draw that reference all the time (like other navigation software :) ) and also you could draw the INT_REF from OSM. 
         Ref represent the national roads numbering system, and Int_ref represents an international numbering system , in Europe they are the so called E-Roads which spread over many national roads (ex. E60 from France to central Assia), and I think that where is an E number it is more important than national number
     4. There is the leisure=garden tag on OSM, but they are used also for residential gardens with access=private. In this case there should be no icon for them because there are towns with hundreds of such gardens and all map is full of park symbols. Display park symbol only if there is no access=private tag. Also if park  is multi polygon then there are multiple park signs and should be only one.
     5. The tracks should be drawn with dotted or dashed lines to be easily differentiated from paved roads.
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  • 6. I just saw another problem: foot paths are rendered like roads/tracks. They should be rendered as footway (thin line) but dashed and maybe black not red.
    7. Helipads are shown as airports and this is confusing (airport in the hospital courtyard). They should have different symbols/names
  • 8. Another POIs that should be shown are cable cars, chair lift. aerial way in OSM
    9. street name size and road width should be improved. If you select a biger width to see them when you zoom out they will be to big when zoom in, and if you make them ok when zoom is maximum then you don't  (or barely) see them when zoom is minimum (there is shown a large area). The same thing with POI icons. There should be a minimum/maximum size for them.
  • 10. In settings the selection of POI categories that are rendered on the map should have  POI types under POI categories like on search menu. (eg. one may want to see only restaurants and not  all pubs, fastfoods...., or fuel station, but not parkings) .
    11. On the map when search for POI near curent location (with click on magnifying glass icon) it woul be helpful if you could filter POIs by name (like in POI by name and address menu, but in place o address use clicked point).
    12. When plan a route you can not hide it from the map even if you delete all route points. Same thing if you select some POIs. It should be possible to clear all selections (I think there is an internal list used for POI rendering on map and you can clean that list) .

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