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  • I am running Navigator 12 Free and find the route calculator is poor, it does not calculate a good route. Adding waypoints to coax it to set the best route does not work. Is the bought version any better or does it use the same software? What is the difference between the two programs?
    Thankyou  -  able
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  • Hi able, please provide departure and destination in lat/long
  • Tomas Thanks for responding.
    I set a route from 54deg40min23secN 2deg45min18secW to Liverpool Anglican Cathedral 53deg23min55.68secN 2deg58min30secW. The route took me through the center of Liverpool. Best way is M58 then follow the A5036 to the docks then S along the river A565 to Parliament Street. Putting waypoints in actually caused detours to the waypoint then back to the original route. This waypoint and return to route routine also happened when I tried to use a minor road on another occasion.
    Regards able
  • I tried this and it goes from M58 to A59, A5050 and A580
    with TomTom maps it goes through A59 and then B186
    this because speeds are not correctly defined in free maps - you are welcome to join menay volunteers who create maps at and you your local knowledge to make maps better
  • With this version that I am running on a new Lenovo PC, the external Bluetooth GPs is discovered and data is received in the "Configure GPS" part, but when I push OK, the connection is broken. Opening the "Configure GPS" again, it says that the GPS is disconnected and I then autodetect again successfully, only to have the GPS disconnected every time I push "OK".. I am running on Windows 8. Can you please solve this problem for me, or give some guidance? Thanks.
  • do you know which port is your GPS on?
    can you try it with some other software, e.g. GPSinfo?
  • Thanks Tomas - the GPS is on port 6 and GPSInfo works fine. I have tried Navigator again on another laptop which is running the 32 bit version of Win8 (the first time it was a 64 bit one) and the problem is the same. Thanks for your help....
  • Tomas, I think I have fixed the problem - In the GPS Settings, I didn't have "GPS On Start Automatically" ticked on. With this on, it works fine in Win8 both 32 and 64 bit. Sorry to trouble you. Thanks.

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