Default speeds too high for ways from OSM without a maxspeed tag
  • I live in Brazil and I'm using the free OSM map. By checking the link properties (by selecting the way and hitting the pencil icon) of some ways, I've noticed that all ways that do not have a "maxspeed" tag in OSM are assigned speed limits that would probably be used for routing in European rural areas. For example, "primary" ways in OSM, which are mapped to "secondary roads" in Navigator, have a speed limit of 90 kmph when they should be 60 kmph ( Since Brazilian maximum speeds are somewhat lower than in other countries, this makes Navigator prefer routing through ways without a maxspeed tag rather than through those that are properly tagged, and it's impossible to get around this only by adjusting the "preference" level in routing profiles.

    Maybe the country's speed profile is a map attribute (which would be easy to edit with an hex editor) or maybe it's a conversion parameter that is applied to all ways (which would not be easy to edit). Or maybe the speeds for untagged ways should be obtained from the vehicle profile speeds (but I just posted that this is not working; see "Vehicle profile speeds have no effect").

    I'm using version 0.13.27 on Android 4.1.1 on a Galaxy S3.

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