Direct link for earth_osm.mca
  • Hi!
       I am involved in an almost impossible task for me: download earth_osm.mca. I live in Cuba and my internet speed is really slow, I keep getting "connection closed" message over and over and when this happens, I have to start downloading again with no results. For large files (like this, which is 70Mb), I have successfully used download managers so I can recover aborted downloads, but this is not the case. Could someone provide an alternative for this file to be downloaded using a direct link or a public FTP file? Or could someone upload it to mediafire (as long as it does not violates the Terms of Use)..
    This will be really appreciated!
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  • Found a link:
    I'm already downloading it!  In one or two days I'll have it and let you know.
    I live in Cuba too, so you can copy it as soon as I have it.
    (I'm writing in english 'cause this is an english spoken forum).


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