routing question
  • I try to get best Routing for Motorbike on an arival pnu43, it works
    fine after change the <limit_expansion> in settings.xml to 100000.
    befor this change the arival generate bad routes over main roads and
    never get the shortest way. It only works if I set some waypoints.

    I copmare the arival - winCE 6.0 - with my PC to find the best settings.
    But there are Routing Results that i can explain myself. The Vehicle is a copy from car without motorway, ferrys, smal local roads, other roads and toll roads.
    My Testroute from navigator.log.txt:
    DMP 2013/03/16 19:44:02 Finding route (shortest-transit, car) [route:  2339 2254 849 0.506433 2341 13846 219 1.000000]
    DMP 2013/03/16 19:44:41 Route info (len = 159693m, time = 9004sec)

    If I enable "smal local roads" for this routing the resulting Route is completly different and longer in Distance:
    DMP 2013/03/16 19:44:05 Route info (len = 216747m, time = 11317sec)

    Maybe the Travel time should be longer and the Distance shorter. How is this to explain?

    This result is from pc_navigator free v12.1.0

    Is a description of the parameters in the config files availabel?

    Greetings and THANK'S for this good and free Navigation Tool.

    Perhaps it is easier to use settings from routing_points.xml

    <set><name>EF Gerolzhofen</name><departure><name>Peter-Vischer-Weg 2-2, Erfurt, Deutschland</name><lat>183463648</lat><lon>39778656</lon></departure><destination><name>Dreimühlenstraße - Nördliche Allee, Gerolzhofen, Landkreis Schweinfurt, Deutschland</name><lat>179649952</lat><lon>37240672</lon></destination></set>

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