Cooperation (integration via api) with map app Locus
  • Hello Martin,

    I recently found your Navigator in a threat at the forum of my favorite map app Locus.

    Locus can be found at: or at Google Play:

    The developer,  Jiří Mlavec (Menion), has a great support for his customers and for other developers.

    Since I use Locus a lot and apreciate all it's features, I miss only one thing: offline-calculation of Navigation routes.

    Now I saw the powerful features of the Navigator and love them, too!

    To make my luck perfect, I would like to have the best of both apps.

    For locus there exists an api and an example project:

    Menion writes:

    "It's complete Eclipse project with all required libraries, just
    simply import them into Eclipse. For correct work, you'll need new
    version of Locus.

    Let me know if I can help you with anything or something will not be 100% clear."

    So what I would love to achieve is:
    - give two or more points from locus to Navigator
    - calculate a route in Navigator and export it via api to Locus (automatically/manual) with navigation instructions to navigate in Locus
    - if possible during navigation in Locus and loosing the navigation path: recalculation of the route
    - if possible: use only one database of OSM (Locus prefered) to save storage space
    - alternatively: export a Navigator route with navigation instructions as gpx file to be imported in Locus

    I hope that there is a chance to make both apps work together.
    Best regards,

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