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  • I am  considering buying a netbook computer running windows 8 and a bluetooth GPS. Will navigator and openstreetmap of Australia work to produce a useful vehicle aid to navigation?
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  • I have never been to Australia, but we have one of the highest feedback from 'downunder' so I think it works well there
  • Hi able --

    In other threads in this Forum tomas advises that Navigator will indeed run under Windows 8.

    I'm using it on both XP and Win 7 laptops.

    The only drawback is that late last year OpenStreetMap purged all additions to their map database that had been added by individuals who had not signed an agreement with OSM.  Unfortunately the end result is that many suburbs in Australian cities have disappeared from the latest maps available for Navigator.  This makes it next to impossible to enter a destination because the first entry data field requested by the Navigator search engine is suburb.  Without being able to enter a destination the ability of Navigator as a turn-by-turn street navigator is thus seriously impaired.

    If you need the mid-2012 OSM maps for Navigator that do have all the suburbs (and also working on the assumption that tomas has no objections) I can mount the mid-2012 maps for Australia and New Zealand on my SkyDrive folder for you to download.

    The other application that you might find useful for long distance touring in Australia is OziExplorer.  While the application itself is payware, free 250,000 topographic maps can be downloaded here:


    I can also confirm that with the earlier maps Navigator is a really outstanding product.

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