Night mode Android
  • Night mode does not work for me. If I select automatic
    mode or night mode always on, the only way I can select night mode is to set
    day mode colours to night mode. Any thoughts?
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  • did you, by any chance, change map colours for night mode - settings/map colours/night mode
  • Hi Tomas. No, i did not change night map colours. It has always been set to default or night mode. However when I select night mode either as automatic or always on it sometimes displays a "reset to defaults" box and dims the rest of the screen. The any way I can escape from this is to select my home screen and then select navigator. Is this relevant?
  • try to delete (take backup first) and then start Navigator
  • Tried this. No difference. I deleted this file by connecting my phone to my laptop as file is on SD card. File has been rewritten by navigator.
  • pleaseemail logs to support

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