Navigator 12 won't run in Windows Vista
  • I installed Navigator on my Android device and liked it very much. I tried to install it on my Vista laptop. I downloaded the setup and just followed the prompts, since the software seems very professional. It asked to insert a "free key". It accepted it and I continued. Now I have two icons on my desktop, a "PC Navigator 12 Free" and a "PC Navigator 12". The "Free" one says there are no maps installed and then shuts down. The other asks me for a key which I don't have. I suspect I may have inadvertantly installed two versions of the program, but I don't see two versions mentioned on the web site. Can I uninstall both and start over? I've been a navigator and pilot for over 50 years and used most systems known to man. Your Android program is very intuitive and I'm anxious to try the Windows version. Can you help? Thanks.
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  • you have not downloaded any maps - go to start/programs/navigator and run setup utilities/install maps/manage map downloads
  • That did it. Thank you Tomas for your quick reply.
  • Now another issue has occurred:
    Yesterday I was driving with Navigator 12 on my Android pad using OSM maps. Today I decided to buy the TomTom maps. Using the same pad, I started to download the TomTom maps. I left the pad downloading to answer a call. When I returned, it said the connection had been interrupted. I'm in my home with a proven WiFi connection and that should not have happened. When I started Nav12 I got only a white screen. After rebooting and several attempts, the program started and completed to download 2400+ MB of various US state maps. Now when I try to start Navigator from the desktop using the icon, I am given a choice of "Free" or "Paid" versions. I choose "Paid" and the program starts using what appear to be the same OSM maps I was using previously. I assume the TomTom maps should appear significantly different. My Paypal account shows 19.99 Eur paid to MapFactor.

    Feb 6, 2013   Payment To  MapFactor, s.r.o.   Completed  
    Details Payment To MapFactor, s.r.o. 2GB78958XL753405L  -€19.99 EUR

    Can you help? Thank you
  • Hi Magellan,
    Maps from TomTom can look the same in some places, in fact they there are places where OSM maps are better. However, what you see is not all, there are many hidden attributes (e.g. for routing, searching), which you cannot see and which make navigating much more relialable.

    If you open Navigator FREE, you cannot see TomTom maps and vice versa, you cannot see OSM maps in the commercial version.

  • When I choose the "Paid" version at startup, I get a warning to the effect "This program requires an SD card". Then the program starts with what appear to be OSM maps. The pad does have an SD card installed. There were two empty folders on it called "Audiobooks" and "LOST.DIR". I was able to create a third test folder using the Toshiba File Manager. It seems like for some reason the program is not seeing the SD card - and thus reverting to OSM maps.

    There is a folder in the internal memory called "navigator" containing 21 items. Some of those items are "odometer", "warningsounds", and "vehicle_profiles.xml" which I believe are part of Navigator 12. Also In that folder are other files from a program called MX Mariner, which is a marine navigation program. Is it possible the two programs are set to use the same "navigator" folder?. I am able to create, rename, and delete folders if that would help.

    I am leaving on a long trip today and will check the forum tonight or tomorrow morning.
    Would uninstalling MX Mariner help?
    Would a reinstall of Navigator 12 on my pad help or hurt?
    Does the program "know" and "remember" that I have paid for TomTom maps?
    Could I install Navigator 12 on my Android cell phone? (Also has MX Mariner)
    Is there a separate charge for TomTom maps on each device?
    Any other suggestions? 

    Again, thank you very much for your prompt attention..

  • it looks like marine navigator chose the same name
    try to move Navigator to SD card - settings/advanced/move to sd card
    yes, program remembers that you what you bought, do not worry

    I am a little confused at what you have - Navigator 12 is for Windows and Pocket PC/Windows Mobile, but I think that you have Android version

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