Road blocked
  • Hi all.
    I found a roadblock: a road blocked for work.
    Is it possible to insert a block for n km and find an alternative route, then return on the
    initial road after the block?
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  • you can disable a road link by clicking on it and selecting the edit icon (pencil), you cannot disable more then one link at a time
  • Thanks for the reply.
    But are you sure that the symbol to press
    is the pencil and not the barrier?
    With the pencil I can only to change the
    speed limit and the average speed.
  • yes, barrier to close it, sorry
  • Ok!
    But it is possible to indicate how many kilometers the road is closed or blocked?
  • only that one link you close
  • I tried with the barrier, but I can not understand how I do.
    During navigation to a destination, I can not bring up the tools, "touching" on the road.
    I have to stop, stop the navigation, hitting the road, set the barrier and resume navigation.
    And then, the block extends only for a few meters and is unusable.
    I'm doing something wrong?

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