Alarm sound selection desn't work
  • Hi all.
    I have a problem with the selection of the alarm sound of POIs.
    I chose the sound 4, but my PocketPC runs the sound 3.
    I've tried dozens of times to change the sound, but does not work.

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  • can you please explain what exactly are you setting? is it speed camera warning sound?
  • Yes.
    I have selected the sound to be produced at the approach to the POIs speed camera, the distance and the speed limit.
    But the sound that I hear is another.

  • and how did you do that?
  • I use the program with the menu in Italian: I hope you will be able to find them in English.
    The program is installed on a PocketPC.
    I touch MENU - Impostazioni - Avvisi superamento limiti di velocità.
    In the page Fonte dispositivi rilevamento velocitàs, I choose the POIs.
    In the page  Impostazioni suoni e soglie allarme, I choose 500 m and I touch Selezionare suono, here I choose Alarm_04.wav, and I touch  OK, but the sound defined is scout_500.wav.
  • It works fine for me, can you check that you have these sound files on your pocket pc?
  • I did a soft reset of my device and now works fine.
    Sorry ...

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