Favourites on Android
  • The Favourites editor in the PC version of Navigator permitted the organisation of locations into folders which could be several levels deep. Just how many levels I never knew but three was OK. The actual moving of favourites however was very flakey and I resorted to doing this with a commercial XML editor called XML Spy. I could manipulate 'favourites.xml' and write it back in to the appropriate folder. Low and behold everything was as I wanted it!

    Navigator for Android does not have this feature and has a 'flat' format that can be alpha sorted only. This is far too crude an organisation tool particularly when dealing with lots of locations. I am currently planning a 2 month tour in Spain and have quite a large list of places I intend to visit. I do not however wish to lose the favourites I have accumulated for the UK. I saved the file from my tablet onto my PC for later.

    Is there any chance of a hierarchical filing system being implemented on the Android version, with an editor that permits the movement of favourites like the PC version. The file format for both is the same - XML so I cannot believe it would be too hard. 

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