POIs icons almost invisible
  • Hi all.

    During car navigation,
    I can not see the icons of POIs because, on the map, their dimensions are microscopic.

    This morning I tried to change the settings in DIGGER: I tried to change the zoom, change the values ​​in "scale factor detail zoom" and more: the icons remain visible when viewing them on the map, but when I'm in the car (with the zoom speed) become very very small.

    Any idea?
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  • Hi Paolo,
    you can edit album.style (make backup first), I changed all my icons to 80|60|50|, here is an example:
          <id type="icon">AEROCLUB_ICON</id>
          <props scheme="default">80|60|50|aeroclub.png</props>
          <props scheme="autopilot_xga">80|60|50|aeroclub.png</props>
          <props scheme="uk_xga">80|60|50|aeroclub.png</props>
          <props scheme="nm_xga">80|60|50|aeroclub.png</props>

  • Thank for your reply.
    Unfortunately, the icons that I would like to view are those of my own POIs imported, and I have not found the file album.style.

  • during import, in the Object appearance assignment dialog, double click the icon (style column) - here you can amend first three lines
  • Thanks.
    I tried, for now, with a single import and it seems to work!
    Tomorrow, I'll try in the car and I'll know if it really works.

  • I tried it in the car, moving, and everything works fine.
  • Hello Thomas

    I just saw this thread. As Paolo mentioned, standard Pois are almost invisible when driving. I adjusted album.style(which is named default_album.style in my case ??) according to your hint. However, I do not see any change on my PC. I havn't tried it while driving.

    Could you explain, what the various schemes mean and the meaning of the three values?

    Kind regards
  • default album,style is used only if album.style is not available
    either delete album.style (your amended deafult will be used), or make changes in album.style

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