No speed camera alerts sound on android mapfactor (beta) v12.18 navigator free
  • Hi.

    I have a problem with the latest android version. cameraspeed and cameralight check boxes in settings/camera configuration can't be selected. When I tap them they become selected for a while and then immediately become deselected. Looks like these check boxes are read only. Is it possible to get them selected and have camera sound alerts working on android version ?


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  • OK, I found out what was the problem. I tapped the "cameraspeed"/"cameralight" label to the left of the check box widget, surprisingly this had no effect on the check box state. When I now tapped the check box itself it did change to selected. It is quite confusing and presumably buggy behaviour, at least other check boxes on the settings page can be selected/deselected by tapping the label only.
    Anyway thanks for the wonderful navigator, I enjoy it very much ! 


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