Some country maps appear in list in grey
  • I have just installed V12 after a catastrophe and download maps for UK, France, Spain and Portugal.  The maps for UK and France are fine: Spain and Portugal appear in the list of countries but they are grey and tapping on them does nothing.  I tried deleting them and re-downloading, but nothing has changed.  Previously I had this set-up with V11 and it all worked.  Thanks for any help.
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  • Hello Elstree

    Any chance you could post the O/S and Equipment you are using.

    Also when you say 'tapping' what page are you on?

    Is it the one headed Menu/Settings/Maps/Select regions?


    Fred F.
  • Hi Fred,

    Many thanks - you have solved my problem: I did not realise that maps had to be Selected in Settings: Why two were and two were not selected by default I have no idea, but that doesn't matter now.

    Again, thanks.

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