Optimization needed for tablets
  • Great app, but could use some optimization for tablets.
    1. Map does not zoom out far enough when driving at freeway speeds - At 100kph or more, there is only about 15 - 30 seconds of driving time shown on the display which does not give much time to react to upcoming events or POIs.  For a 10-inch tablet, there's no need to be zoomed in so far.  Should be at least a minute of driving time shown.
    2. Street name text is too small to read - The text is too small and cannot be read without looking closely at the screen.  Not the safest as it forces one to take eyes off the road for a while to try to make out a street name.  Should be able to increase text size.
    3. POI icons too small - POI icons are so small when the display is auto zoomed while driving.  Cannot tell what the icon represents until one is very close to the POI location.  Then there's no time to react.  While I can set my personal POIs to appear a suitable size using Digger, there's no option to change the display of built-in POI icons.
    4. Destinations and waypoints show full text of item by default - The large block of text can cover a large portion of the screen.  If driving east-west and the display is set to the route overview mode, much of the route can be hidden by the text box.  The text is not necessary as I know where I've set the route to go.  Should be a way to easily turn off the text display.
    5. Moving map display is jerky - I have an Asus TF300T with a quad-core Nvidia Tegra 3 processor.  That should have enough horsepower to provide for a relatively smooth moving map display.  Sometimes the slow and jerky update rate causes one to miss a turn since it doesn't show that you're at an intersection until you're already through it.
    That said, I think it's a wonderful app and I use it preferentially over my Garmin Nuvi.  Just would like to see it even better!
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  • at this stage I will comment only on 2.
    you can switch to larger text in settings/map colours
    see if it helps

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