Itinerary in android version is not correct for roundabouts.
  • 1)   In the android version the number of exit to take in a roundabout is not correct in the Itinerary, but it is ok in the spoken guide. It always tells you to take a higher number than correct. In the “PC Navigation 12 free” it is ok. I am using a S.E. Xperia mini with android 4.0

    2)  Driving through a roundabout the voice gives different information. "Roundabout - take 3. exit" or "roundabout - turn left" and "Roundabout - take 2. exit" or "Roundabout - carry on straight ahead". It can also be different from time to time for the same roundabout. This happen for the Android version and Navigation 12 Free. Are there any reasons for this difference. I think it would be much better, if the voice always said which number to take in a roundabout and never left, right and straight on. In the navigation.XML file I can see that there are 2 types of roundabouts, “roundabouts” and “roundabout_simple” and it is for the “roundabout_simple” the “turn right” and “turn left” are used. It is not only for very small roundabouts the “turn left” etc. are used.

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