Why is Fastest highway route 10 miles and 10 minutes longer than off-highway Shortest route?
  • Why is Fastest highway route 10 miles and 10 minutes longer than the Shortest route?
    And Shortest route always equals Cheapest route?
    Why does Shortest Route seem to mean "no highways?"
    How do I specify that I need the route of shortest TIME, a mix of any roads, highway or not?
    I do have all types of roads and in excess of maximum speed limits selected.

    Re: Navigator Free, Wisconsin, USA map on Android phone, 4.1.1

    I want to get to my destination in the least time possible, so I select Fastest route. The app goes out of its way to put me on highways with the fastest posted speed limits, in a route that is circuitous, looking more like a detour.
    Noting this, I select Shortest route. Now, the app yields a route that avoids all highways. It, too, goes out of its way, like a detour, to do this, though the route could be shorter (distance) if it had taken advantage of available highways.

    This needs to change.

    Once, I was headed for a downtown metropolitan address. Navigator had me traveling on two-way streets with cars parked on both sides, barely wide enough for two-way traffic. On the way home that night, I decided to just punch "home" in the car's built in GPS rather than use my [previously] trusty Android phone GPS, MapFactor NavigatorFree. The car GPS immediately directed me two miles on a six lane boulevard to an interstate highway, a bypass routed through the middle of the city. Now, WHY did Navigator Not see and use that highway on my route downtown????

    Is this a program flaw, or am I missing something in the set-up? As I said, I have already checked and selected all road types and increased maximum speed limits.

    Best regards,

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  • best is to email support with departure and destination
  • I had a similar experience, when I tried to find a bycicle route from Chemnitz, Germany, to Pornic, France. Thie distance is about 1500 km. The first route was more than a hundred kilometers and one hour longer than the route I optimized setting some waypoints on places, where the original route went around in a wide arc.

    That means, that the "shortest" route proposed by Navigator still can be significantly optimized. It will be the same with fastest route.
  • I have 1389km 11:12:10 with default car
    the route seems pretty good to me, I find it difficult to believe that it could be made 100km shorter
    may be you could email routing_points.xml
  • On PC Navigator Free 12.3 I have 1513 km as shortest route for bycicle, when using no waypoints. I used bycicle, because actually I am looking a way down there on foot for somebody else, who wants to do this trip on foot. I just thought, that shortest route on bicycle must be something close to the real shortest route, what you can go on foot. In my understanding even shorter than car, because you can use shortcuts not available to cars. But as you can see, by car it finds a much shorter route. That should be possible for bycicle as well (it does not calculate pedestrian, it seems to be too difficult.)

    Only by setting about a dozen waypoints, the route becomes more than 100 km shorter. Why does Navigator not find that shorter route from the beginning?

    Don't get me wrong. Navigator is a great product, but there ist still room for improvement!
  • I see, I did not set bicycle, but that explains it
    long distance routes use transit network only and that would be mostly motorways and major roads

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