Land mass rendering around Montreal Quebec Canada is messed up
  • The land mass around the island of Montreal does not render properly. There are places (mainly North and West side of the island) where landmass is rendered as water and water is rendered as landmass. Note that the rendering is OK in OSM

    Thank you.

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  • I can confirm that with TomTom Maps installed, there are weird bugs on the 2d map at certain zoom levels.

    Around Montreal, if you zoom out too much, you will loose water as land mass before it should be too small to see on the map at the given scale(test it by zooming out slowly).

    To the east of Quebec, the same thing happens with the Saint-Laurent river. In fact it happens to the whole Saint-Laurent River up to the Gulf.

    Edit: That was on a nexus 7 if it make any difference

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