conflict with DB Navigator
  • it seems, that there is a conflict between navigator free and the app DB-Navigator. Both apps latest version, my device: SGS2 I9100, Android 4.1.2.
    Navigator free was closed but there was a service of navigator free running in the background and, I had a notification to download newer maps.
    I started DB-Navigator (which is for german railway), closed it, and afterwards I could not enter into internet. (GSM detached). No rebooting helped. I had to delete navigator free as well as DB-Navigator to solve the problem. I remarked, that I had hints before "navigator not working-stopped" as well as the icon of navigator free had changed to a simple green droid-icon. 
    Regards, Gerd
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  • nobody has no idea what the reason is and what could be done? I would agree to repeat my installation for help to find the out the problem.
  • is this something you can replicate?
    it could be just a coinsidence.

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