import route from pc to android
  • hello
    is it possible to import routes or myplaces created with navigator12 on pc to the mobile device?
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  • yes, just copy file routing_points.xml
  • hello,
    of course it would be helpful, to have an app to do the sycronisation in both directions for the user data like in nokia suite, if the mobile is connected to the pc.
    perhaps this is planned?
  • tomas, 
    what path on Android phone one should "copy file routing_points.xml" ?
    thank you
  • navigator folder
  • so, probably last missing piece, what is the path on PC for routing_points.xml file?
    thank you
  • XP
    c:\Documents and Settings\"user"\Application Data\Navigator\12.x\routing_points.xml

    c:\users\"user"\roaming\Application Data\Navigator\12.x\routing_points.xml
  • thank you you tomas! i found routing_points.xml and copied to my mobile android sd:\navigator folder.
    power cycled the mobile. started Navigator, but find nothing new in "My Placed" / Favourite list. I repeated above steps with favourites.xml, with no success either. anything I'm doing wrong?
  • found one more folder candidate on Android mobile device:
    will try to paste here...
  • yes, depending which version of Android you have
  • Well, I can't say what was wrong and what wasn't, Finally the happy end, I see my favorites and routes prepared on PC Navigator and copied to mobile Android version.
    here are the steps, just to share and encourage other to try:
    1. prepared on PC Navigator favorite places (file favourites.xml) and routes (file routing_points.xml)
    2. copied from PC(Win 7) to Mobile (Android 4 phone)
    copy C:\Users\'myusername'\AppData\Roaming\Navigator\12.3\favourites.xml C:\Users\'myusername'\AppData\Roaming\Navigator\12.3\routing_points.xml  SD Card\Android\data\com.mapfactor.navigator\files\navigator
    3 power cycled phone and opened Navigator. Navigator informed me that there are NO MAPS installed. DON'T PANIC(!) again your maps
    5. restart Navigator: I haven't seen any favorites or routs in 'My PLaces'
    6. copy 2 files favorite places (file favourites.xml) and routes (file routing_points.xml) from 
    SD Card\Android\data\com.mapfactor.navigator\files\navigator
    to SD Card\navigator
    7 restart Navigator and enjoy your favorite places and saved routes

    good luck!
  • Hallo,
    this way worked fine for me.
    Is there also a way to transfer favourites and routes from Android to PC?
    When I used the Method as discribed above for Android to PC, PC-Navigator stopped working.
    A new installation with new mapsdownload was necessary to restart. All my previous favourites and routes were gone.

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