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  • hi Mapfactor, thanks for the November map update for the Philippines

    I noticed that in this particular map update, when i make a route, it will now include footpath as part of its route, funny but alarming as i might get lost with this version...

    how do i correct this guys? thanks

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    I've had a look at this on OSM and mapping looks correct. There is no connection betwean Filomeno Neri Street and the building outline of the Sacred Heart Chapel, which your picture above seems to look like.
    The only way I can get Navigator to copy your route is by puting the "Start Flag" on the Building outline but I don't know why that happens. If I place the "Start Flag" in th centre of Filomeno Neri Street, Navigator sets the correct route left along San Jose, 1st right onto Iligan Cagayan National Highway across Marcos Bridge.
    Try not to get lost :-)   



  • hi mark, the reason there is no connection now between filomeno neri and the building is i deleted it already using potlacth2 so as to prevent future map update routing errors

    anyway, thanks for your time :)
  • Hi
    Just been back and spotted your edit
    Did you consider just restricting Vehicle Access on the Footpath ?
    It stops Navigator picking it up as a road from OSM

  • hi mark...

    already done your suggestion


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