storing favourites
  • I travel in Europe for about 6 months each year and use Navigator with TomTom maps exclusively. I currently use an Android tablet which is much better than the NetBook PC that I used to have. The Android interface and functionality is great but I do have a problem with favourites!

    As you might imagine I have accumulated many favourite locations and destinations that I like to have on hand. The addition of folders within the favourites file is a great improvement. However the Android interface only permits a single level whereas the PC version allowed multiple nested folders. I don't know how many levels this went to as I don't think I ever needed to exceed 3 but that was many hundreds of favourites ago.

    I have tried creating POI files, but these can get rather large and must be loaded whenever Navigator is launched. Does favourites.xml 'load' or is just read when required?

    Would it be possible to increase the level of 'nesting' in a future release please?

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